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1- Week Volleyball Conditioning Boot Camp Registration


 **Please read below carefully before moving forward with the registration process**

  • REGISTRATION - All registration will take place online (by clicking the "Register Now" button below)

  • If the participant is under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must complete the particpant information.  Both the parent/guardian and the participant must read, complete and agree to the release of liability and assumption of risk.
  • If you are registering 2 children, you will need to enter 2 different email addresses on the registration forms.  The registration software can only associate 1 email address for 1 individual. 
  • PAYMENT - At the bottom of the online registration form, you will click the   "Check Out with PAYPAL" button.
  • PayPal will allow you to pay with either your PayPal Account (if you have one) OR your Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discovery, American express) if you don't have a paypal account.  
    • If the email address you give Paypal IS linked to your Paypal account, you will need to pay via your Paypal account.
    • If the email address you give Paypal is NOT linked to a Paypal account, then you can pay via your credit card.
  • If you have a problem with your payment going thru please contact PAYPAL at(888) 221-1161.  They will be able to work you thru any payment issues.

  • REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION - You will receive  a "confirmation email" when your registration and payment have gone thru properly.